Investigating the murder of Inge Lotz

Inge Lotz and her mother Juanita Lotz were happy together.

Inge Lotz died on 16 March 2005 inside her apartment just outside Stellenbosch, South Africa – murdered. Someone repeatedly hit her on the head with a blunt object and stabbed her with a knife.

She was the only child of Professor Jan and Juanita Lotz.

A Suspect

The police matched a fingerprint they found on a DVD holder to Inge’s boyfriend Fred van der Vyver. As Inge rented the DVD just hours before her death it means that Fred was in her presence that afternoon. However, he claims that he was at work all day, 50 km away.

In large part, due to this incriminating fingerprint evidence, the police arrested Fred van Der Vyver for Inge’s murder.

The police also found an ornamental hammer in Fred’s vehicle which could have inflicted the wounds on her head.

Justice Denied

Several international fingerprint experts argued that the fingerprint was not lifted from a DVD holder but from a drinking glass. These ‘experts’ claimed that the police intentionally fabricated the fingerprint lift to frame Fred.

After a sensational 9 month-long trial the court found Fred not guilty.

The Mollett Investigation

The Mollett investigation started in 2012 when Thomas Mollett noticed that the fingerprint expert, Pat Wertheim, manipulated an experiment in an unusual and undisclosed way in order to produce a lift from a drinking glass so that it more closely resembles the lift the police lifted from the DVD cover. With the help of his brother Calvin Mollett, other experts, and following a strictly scientific approach, he very quickly demonstrated -very conclusively – that it was impossible for Folien 1 to have been lifted from drinking glass. He then applied the same rigorous scientific approach to analyzing other evidence in the case – such as the hammer and the blood mark on the bathroom floor. The conclusions were clear – the court was deceived by numerous defence witnesses who claimed that the police’s lift was from a drinking glass and that the hammer was too small to have made the wounds on Inge’s head.

Various independent experts and academics have reviewed and scrutinized the work of the Mollett brothers, and have even performed their own analysis – and in all cases, they concurred with their general findings and conclusions. Read more here.


The Mollett brothers have published their findings in two books – Bloody Lies and Bloody Lies Too. These books are now available in PDF format at

Books by the Mollett brothers on the murder of Inge Lotz - Bloody Lies and Bloody Lies Too.


Inge lotz

Inge Lotz