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On this website the Truth about the Inge Lotz murder is investigated and explored by Thomas and Calvin Mollett. (Visit Thomas’ website here)

The website was recently transferred onto this new platform, with a revamp – however, we are in still the process of refreshing and adding new content. So please check in often.

Some Media Links:

Lotz laat kyk na bloedmerk – Front-page main article, Rapport, 2014

Fred, ek soek antwoorde – Cover article, Huisgenoot (2014)

Who murdered Inge Lotz – Fair Lady (2014)

Amateur sleuth obsesses over Lotz killing – Sunday Times/Times Live, 2014

Inge Lotz murder: Nine years later, two amateur forensic sleuths once again point fingers at Fred van der Vyver – Daily Maverick, 2014

Hitchens’s razor: Amateur sleuths present compelling new evidence in Inge Lotz case – Daily Maverick, 2015

First Person Podcast – Maverick Life, 2016

Broers sê hierdie foto’s is nuwe ‘getuienis’Netwerk24, 2016

I have stopped searching for answers – Inge’s dad – News24, 2017

Lotz pa: ‘Nou weet ons als’Rapport/Netwerk24, 2017

Dít was fout in Fred, Oscar en Shrien se sake – Netwerk24, 2018

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