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‘The work the Mollett brothers did on the Lotz investigation was some of the best forensic work that I have ever seen, certainly better than the police.

People were wary of them because they are not professional investigators, but they have put in a lot of time and effort and are now totally competent and experienced and among the best forensic investigators in the country. Anyone who did not agree with the work they carried out in the Lotz case was either jealous of them, or they didn’t like what they were saying because it embarrassed them.’
– Maj. Gen. Niel van Heerden – Former Commissioner of Police: Western Cape, Private Investigator

‘There were doubts about them at first because of their CVs as they are not professionally qualified in this field. However, the quality of their research surpassed everybody’s expectations. We are now paying attention to what they are saying, because their approach and the way in which they collect data and information, makes sense.’
– Dr. Leon Wagner – Independent Forensic Pathologist, Bloemfontein

‘I have had the opportunity of attending Thomas Mollett’s lectures at UCT and as participation at various Literary Festivals, namely in Franschhoek, in Richmond (Cape), and more recently in Montagu. He impressed me and the audiences on these occasions with the thoroughness of their investigations and interpretations, and especially by the enthusiasm with which he presented his talks.

During the Franschhoek Literary Festival he took part in a debate with Antony Altbeker, author of Fruit of a Poisoned Tree, written about the Inge Lotz murder. Thomas was fully competent to argue his standpoint against that of Altbeker. Thomas was strongly supported by the audience.

At the Richmond and Montagu Festivals he presented the findings of himself and his brother, Calvin.

They researched and meticulously documented their findings on the postmortem findings and specifically the photographic records pertaining to the murders of Inge Lotz and Reeva Steenkamp respectively.

I was most impressed with the thoroughness with which they scrutinised the evidence. Thomas convinced me by their analyses and interpretation of their findings. In both postmortem cases they found and recorded wounds and evidence not recorded by the police or the forensic pathologists. It is my opinion that some of these findings, had they been presented in evidence, may have resulted in different court findings.’
– Emeritus Professor Deon Knobel – Former Head of Forensic Medicine, UCT

‘In my opinion the Molletts’ reporting of their methodology is much more transparent than either Wertheim or Zeelenberg [International Fingerprint Experts]. Also their way of investigating and analyzing a problem is on a more solid scientific basis than the defence experts.’ – Professor Kobus Visser – Retired Professor in Physics, SUN

‘As a scientist following the Mollett brothers’ work over the last few years, as documented in the Bloody Lies set and in OVTT (and relevant websites), it is my opinion that their work is based on sound scientific methodology. They respect and use measurable science and technology as the backbone of their work. The practical work that they put in compliments this effort, and the way they open their work for public and peer scrutiny is commendable. Their thorough and wide research together with the aforementioned methodology, enabled them to illuminate aspects of these cases that may have been overlooked, ignored or misinterpreted.’
– Professor Kobus Steenkamp – Retired Professor in Chemistry, UF

‘Lotz, a professor of radiology, described the Molletts’ books as “outstanding, scientifically sound” works and as “central to the whole process”.

“Of course the facts contained in the books have brought to an end my search for the truth about my child’s death. Thomas Mollett is a highly intelligent individual with a unique analytical mind.”’
– Professor Jan Lotz – Radiologist, Tygerberg – and the father of murdered Inge Lotz – as quoted in this article.