Funeral Eulogies

Below are translated versions of the eulogies. (Please note it may be grammatically challenged and may even read incoherent at stages. Words and sentence structures are not always clearly audible and we tried to keep the translation as direct as possible. The emotional tone at stages also makes it difficult to follow for translation.)

Wimpie’s Eulogy:

Thank you for Tuesday’s lunch. You wondered if you should order pancake. “Let’s transgress,” you said. And you did. Two pancakes with cinnamon and sugar.

I think I will try it sometime.

Unfortunately, our appointments for the foreseeable future will have to wait.

Even though you are so quiet, I know about your invitation to the King’s house.

It’s a pity you didn’t say earlier, then we could have gathered a few friends.

But it seems like the King’s message was urgent and you had to go immediately. At first I wondered what was do urgent that it could not rather wait.

Initially, I was disappointed. Now suddenly there were so many plans drifting around without a plan.

Why did the King call you up so urgently?

You supposedly understood how slow I sometimes is to understand … (unclear) … and therefore you told me beforehand. Just Wednesday you told me that I should do what makes me happy. Thank you for that, because of that I now know what you have to go and do.

Because what else can bring you so much joy as your voice and your piano. And for what better audience than the heavenly one. And for Jesus, and the great spirits who are already in full swing in the King’s house.

And my heart is sore because I did not get an invite yet.

I know your mom and dad, and Fred, and the rest of us, will love to listen, if only we could also go.

Fortunately, you have patience with my incomprehension, and you asked Jesus to help me.

(Following part unclear) When I did my Honours you smiled and said she and I and all the others will come soon again, but in the meantime you must still practice, because, see, the final feast is on hand and only the best can sing with Inge. And then I knew you were the angle choir’s soloist. And star soloists need time to prepare for a performance more than others. But how do we practice without her voice here, I asked Jesus.

He enfolded me in his arms and said faith, hope and love – and the biggest of these is love.

Now I am satisfied (following is unclear) that you stay for always, because who has a bigger heart than you.

Although the mirror is unclear and the King’s command vague, I will tell everybody to continue to practice. And we will not practice. We will think and work hard and plan like you did. And we will laugh and care – or at least try. Like you.

As you said on Wednesday, Wimpie, firmly believe in your dreams and follow them. You started, keep going with it. And I will. We all will. In the meantime, Inge, enjoy the time there till we come.

I know that you are living in a French countryside house, surrounded by (unclear), with a piano (unclear) … and even play in the garden. And I know stacks of books fill your beautiful house, beautifully laid out with “much detail”, as you would say.

(Following is a very emotional and unclear part) And I know you have so much to do, the King is looking for a statistician of note, after all he has unlimited treasures to count. And I know the job title fits you perfectly. I know you have many guests and you must still memorize your words but write for us in the stars every now and then we can practice, if we sing a false note, and please keep the coffee warm and practice you pancake recipe, because when we come there we will eat at you a lot … (unclear) … for eternity and another eternity … (unclear) and attend the final feast. We can’t wait for your solo.

Till then.”


Fred’s Eulogy:

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

Tannie Juanita asked me to read this. The special poem that I read.

I’m speaking on behalf on Tannie Juanita and Oom Jan, and I’m reading a piece from letters that I wrote to her:

Our most beloved meisiekind, we trust that our heavenly father will warmly enfold you in his great mercy, and that everything that you may do or decide stay true to your faith in your God.

You are a dear and petite meisie (girl) with strong values, high norms and unflinching integrity. (unclear) … know like everything, that I always pray for you and submit you to the one who is your Guide.

Oom Jan and Tannie Juanita, with the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ you raised Inge as a child of God. And that is who she was to me. I just want to say one word who Inge was to me. She was Jesus. And if there is one thing that she did for me, was to show Jesus to me. And to bring me closer to him.

She did what she had to do.

It was enough.”