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Below: Aerial shot of the developing Klein Welgevonden Estate, Shiraz complex shown by coloured line. Stellenbosch direction to bottom, Paarl direction to the top.

Please note the date: 23 March 2005. One week after the murder.

Map data: Google, DigitalGlobe

Below: Colour square indicating 21 Shiraz, Inge’s flat. Paarl to the left, Stellenbosch to the right.

Map data: Google, DigitalGlobe

Above: Aerial shot from SAPS helicopter of Klein Welgevonden (with Inge’s flat in Shiraz complex indicated by the red line) just after the murder. The person who was asked to check in on Inge and who discovered her body, Christo Pretorius, stayed in the vicinity of the area in the top right hand corner of this photo. It is just over 2 minutes’ drive to Shiraz.

Map data: Google, GigitalGlobe

Above: Path from Shiraz’ security gate to the door of Inge’s flat (red route shown). About 40 seconds normal speed.

Below: The shortest path from the security gate to 21 Shiraz. About 44 normal walking steps one way (about 30 m).

Below: Path from the door back to the security gate. Also about 40 seconds normal speed.

Below: Photo taken through the kitchen window of 21 Shiraz, 16 March 2013. 16:15. Give or take a few minutes, exactly eight years after the murder.

The murderer stood at the light switch you see on the right wall, back to the kitchen, face to patio side (Paarl direction). Couch was flat against that wall, Inge’s head on arm rest (kitchen side). TV was to the left corner. (see photo further down)

Below are a few photos recently taken of Shiraz. The complex itself has not changed that much, but the surroundings have undergone major development.

Above: Photo from the Paarl road. Stellenbosch to the left, Paarl to the right.

Above: Photo left: 21 Shiraz indicated. Photo right: 21 Shiraz on the top floor.

Above: Photo of the back the southern block of Shiraz from the Paarl road’s side. You can go to the front and to the stairs from the back (see red line). See photo to the right, the red line on the left photo will lead you to the front (via there where you can see the gutter in photo below). At the top of the stairs, you turn left to 21 Shiraz, only about 10 metres to the door.

Above: Left photo is the view to the right from where the photo just above it, was taken. Photo to the right was taken back towards from where the left photo was taken. Note place to park. From here you can then walk via the back through the walkway to the flight of stairs, which you can also access from the front side.

Apart from the view from the road, this area is fairly secluded.

Above: The walkway in the middle of the complex leading to the flight of stairs – and to the back (by passing to the right of the stairs).

Above: When you come up the stairs, you land on this walkway. From the stairs you turn left and walk towards the end, where 21 Shiraz is the last flat on top level. You walk past only one other flat.

Above: Down the stairs. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you can either continue to go straight towards the front parking area and security gate (to the left), or you can immediately turn left and back towards the back of the building. From there you can go around the building (towards the Paarl road’s side) to the front area and left to the security gate.

Above: 21 Shiraz’ kitchen window. Entry to the door just to the right.

Above: Shiraz at the time (Inge’s flat top left)

Above: Shiraz at the time (Inge’s flat building to right, top on further end)

Above: The Video Place where Inge rented the DVD at 15:07 – with Steers, where she bought the burger meal, to the right.

Above: The Superspar at the Simonsig shopping centre where Inge bought the Shape magazine. The Video Place is here just to the right of the person who took this photo. (Photo to the right exactly as the magazine was found, with some blood spatter on.)

Above: DVD display in The Video Place. The Stepford Wives, the movie Inge rented, in third row from top.

Above: A similar case that Inge took with her from the store and which was found splayed open beside her on the coffee table (right). The police swore that they found Mr Fred van der Vyver’s fingerprints on this cover. This would put him in Inge’s flat after 15:07 when she rented the DVD. He says it is impossible because he was at work 48 km away at the time (for the whole time from 11 am to 6 pm).

Map data: Google, GigitalGlobe

Above: Two of the last places Inge had been to in the hours before her death. Left red square the Neelsie student centre where she had pancakes with her friend Wimpie, and the right red square the Simonsig shopping centre where she rented the DVD, bought Steers and the Shape magazine before heading back to her flat at Shiraz in the Klein Welgevonden Estate (top red square).

Above: Floorplan of 21 Shiraz, also indicating position of furniture, items, etc.

Above: Crime scene photo from the front door’s side. The murderer stood just left of the little table with the lamp on while Inge was lying on the white couch with her feet pointing to the curtain’s side, probably looking in the direction of the television at the time. Note Inge’s sunglasses, car keys, cellphone and usual carry bag to the left. (Inside of bag to the right)

Above: A pencil drawing. This was the position Inge’s body was found in. Head slightly tilted to the right. Right hand folded across her stomach. Left hand loosely in a fist on the groin area. Right foot tucked between two cushions. Magazine slightly over feet. The black object between her right hip and couch is the remote. The remote was NOT in her hand.

Above: Kitchen area (note blinds are drawn).

Above: Bed drawn from the wall. Any significance? Maybe to get a better view from to window to the complex’s parking area and gate area (which is fairly sharp left outside) to see if the coast is clear before leaving the flat? Opened suitcase to the right.

Above: The moved bed. Any significance in the movement of the duvet? To the right: Possible reason to move bed, this would ensure this better view to the gate which would be relatively sharp to the left outside the window.

Above: From the lounge to the bathroom where the killer washed up.

Above: Discarded towel on the floor with the two disputed bloodmarks just to the left of it. Basin to the right.

Above: The “old” couch. Note the security gate is on the inside. No peeking hole, but the silhouette of a person would be visible through the semi-transparent glass during the day. (Photo taken a few days after the murder)

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