‘Broken & Betrayed’ by Alan D Elsdon Exposed

Alan Elsdon recently wrote a book called Broken & Betrayed – Uncovered: The Truth about all Three Murders. Inge Lotz, Jessica Wheeler and Victoria Stadler.

The murders of Jessica Wheeler and Victoria Stadler are commonly referred to as the “Knysna Murders”. In 2008 a local DJ called Heinrich Van Rooyen was found guilty of the murders and received a life sentence. There are many people that believe that Van Rooyen is innocent. We ourselves do not know much about these murders and at this time we have no opinion on Van Rooyen’s guilt or innocence. For more information about why Van Rooyen may be innocent the reader is encouraged to visit the blog of Dianne Lang – https://diannelang.blogspot.com/.

At this time we will only take issue with Elsdon’s “investigation” of the murder of Inge Lotz.

In his book, Elsdon is making some very serious allegations.

Let’s look at Elsdon’s story, in a nutshell.

Inge was the bearer of many dark secrets, which she threatened to expose as part of a sanctification process that she had to go through to join the His People church. These secrets were of past intimate romances she had with Marius, Braam and Jean, and also that they were part of a secret club whose members were involved in homosexual activities. To protect their future careers and because they were members – some of them even senior members – of the His People church and did not want to be shamed or bring the church into shame, they wanted to silence Inge. But she also had a dark family secret which would prompt her mother and an uncle to, not only murder her, but to even assault her viciously after murdering her.

So somehow these parties came together and devised a plot to kill Inge. Marius would lure Inge to a “House” by making an appointment to meet her there at 4 pm on the day of her murder. Her mother and uncle (“Mr X”) would wait at the house and they would then kill Inge and transport her body back to her flat. The three friends Fred, Braam and Jean would then provide Marius with an alibi.

But even before this fateful day, the “Mr X” (presumably Inge’s uncle in Kuruman) searched the Internet on how to commit the perfect murder. He decided on a foolproof plan to arrive at his destination unseen – he would hire a chartered plane to fly to Cape Town to go kill Inge.

After doing some minor shopping at a Spar in Stellenbosch just after three on the fateful day, Inge left for her appointment with Marius, at the “House”. She took the Steers burger combo, the Shape magazine and the Bioplus drink that she bought at Spar, with her. As well as the video that she had rented. When she arrived at the “House” her mother and uncle brutally murdered her with a knife. They then took all her clothes off and dressed her in pyjamas. About 3 hours later, as the sun started to set, Mr X, driving Inge’s car, followed a luxury vehicle, which carried Inge’s body, towards Inge’s apartment at Shiraz, Kleine Welgevonden. They took the empty Steers packaging back to the apartment, but left the Bioplus container at the “House”. Her body was carried up to her apartment and placed down on the couch where she would later be found. They then sprinkled blood from a container around and on the couch and body .They poured foreign blood on the tiles under Inge’s head. All to make it look like she was murdered right there.

They got a similar type pair of jeans that Inge had worn that day, and threw it on a chair in Inge’s bedroom. They put the empty Steers packaging in the garbage bin and placed the DVD in the DVD player, and pressed play. They then opened the magazine and carefully placed a drop of blood on the right-side page, in the top-right corner. All to make it look like Inge was killed right there on the couch in her apartment. But they were not yet done with Inge. They took a nearby-standing photo stand and repeatedly bashed her on the head with it. They washed the photo stand in the bathroom but decided not to take it out of the apartment because it was too risky as someone might notice it to be missing later. They left the blood soaked towel behind on the bathroom floor. (In between all of this, there was the “probable rape” of Inge too.)

Mr X was then taken back to the Cape Town International airport where he departed again on the hired chartered plane.

Before the murder a senior police officer, Director Attie Trollip, was contacted by one or more of these conspirators, that he should stand ready to cover up the murder. It was the most challenging task that this Director would ever accept. He then asked a Captain in the force to assist him. They had to make sure that everybody believed that Inge was murdered in her flat – killed by surprise from behind.

Inge’s good friend Wimpie would now help Mrs Lotz by lying that Inge told him that she sang happy birthday to her dog that morning while she was on the phone with her mother – which could only have happened if Mrs Lotz was at home as she claimed she was. According to Elsdon, Mrs Lotz could not have been at home because her cellphone records show that she was in the Durbanville Hills area, more than 10 km away from her home in Welgemoed.

Fred, Braam and Jean implemented a plan, devised by Mr X, to provide Marius with a watertight alibi. Jean would buy a cupboard in Stellenbosch and ask Fred to pick it up and to drop it off at his flat that evening where Braam would be waiting, so that they could all say that Marius helped to deliver the cupboard. Yet, while being part of the scheme to provide Marius with an alibi, that night just after Mrs Lotz was informed of Inge’s murder, Fred somehow figured out the plot between Mrs Lotz and Marius, that they killed Inge. This led to a serious verbal altercation between Fred and Marius in the street in front of the Lotz house. Nevertheless, Fred stayed with the Lotzes for nearly a week after Inge’s murder, perjured himself repeatedly that Marius was at their flat when he arrived there after work, and subjected himself and his family to a grueling nine month trial – facing a life-sentence – leaving his family R10 million poorer, without spilling the beans.

At some stage hereafter, the Lotzes hired us (Mollett brothers) to protect this secret. The Lotzes were not suspects at any time but we had to protect their secret nevertheless. We got our hands on the To-do list and changed “4:00” to “06:00” and “Huis:” to “Huise” and published the two changed lists in an article and in ‘Bloody Lies Too’ respectively. We also made the circle around the 06:00 bold in one of these attempts. All to cover the murder up for the Lotzes.

However unbelievable and bizarre this story sounds, and is, the fact remains that Elsdon has not proven anything in it.

Serious allegations need serious evidence. Or rather allegations on something as substantial as murder requires substantial evidence – especially if your allegations are aimed at the grieving parents of the victim. We will show here that Alan Elsdon does not have the evidence to support any of these allegations that it is all conjecture that does not meet the standard of substantial evidence – nor does he present a mosaic of circumstantial evidence which, when considered as a whole, leads to the inference that his version is the only possible version, at the exclusion of all others.

Mirriam Webster defines conjecture as:

ainference formed without proof or sufficient evidence

ba conclusion deduced by surmise or guesswork

Substantial evidence is defined as:

Substantial evidence is a legal concept that an individual piece of evidence is so sufficient that a reasonable person of sound mind could convict or acquit based on that one piece of evidence alone. Substantial evidence is arguably better known as the “smoking gun” in criminal matters. The concept of substantial evidence is apparent in both civil and criminal law, and can work for or against a particular claim. For the courts to consider a piece of evidence as substantial, the evidence must pass the “substantial evidence test”.

In our first article – ‘Mr. X and the Perfect Murder’ – we will show how Elsdon fabricated a completely fictional story out of thin air. After reading this article you should ask yourself: If Elsdon is capable of such blatant dishonesty – is there anything in his book that is an honest effort and that can be trusted as the truth?

In the second article – ‘The To-Do List’ – we will show how Elsdon fabricated what he considers conclusive evidence out of thin air – and because this list does not actually show what he wants it to show, how he made completely false and absurd accusations against us (the Molletts), i.e. that we tampered with this list. These accusations, when viewed against facts and chronology, are completely illogical and irrational and they can easily be disproven by witnesses and forensic examinations (latter which we have invited Elsdon to do). After reading this article you should ask yourself: If Elsdon is capable of making such false accusations just to make the list fit his story, how much of the accusations against other people he also despised, like for example Attie Trolllip and Bruce Bartholomew, are actually legitimate?

In the third article – ‘Where was Inge murdered’ – we will show Elsdon’s complete disregard for the rules of evidence, how he doesn’t hesitate to state conjecture as fact – without any supporting evidence. And how he has not considered and evaluated all possible explanations – rather how he always picks the one that serves his story the best.

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